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Role-playing Game

Most of these games cast the player in the role of a character that grows in strength and experience over the course of the game. By overcoming difficult challenges and/or defeating monsters, the player gains experience points which represent the character's progress in a chosen profession or class (such as melee combat or ranged magic spells) and allow the player to gain new abilities once a set amount are obtained. Many RPGs contain an open world known as an overworld, which is usually populated with monsters, that allows access to more important game locations, such as towns, dungeons, and castles.

Strategy Game

Strategy video games focus on gameplay requiring careful and skillful thinking and planning in order to achieve victory and the action scales from world domination to squad-based tactics.

Sports Game

Sports are video games that simulate sports or arcade-style sports. The opposing team(s) can be controlled by other real life people or artificial intelligence.

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